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Vendramini Custom Fit Motorcycle Boots, a compact and dynamic company, has manufactured motorcycle boots for 50 years and now markets them online. The company was founded in 1919 for customized production of sports shoes. We continue to provide customiz

Since 1961, we have offered a wide range of motorcycle boots, catering to the needs of all motorcyclists. Since 1990, our motorcycle division has adopted 3 fundamental construction criteria, aimed at maximizing safety: 1. Use of real leather 2. IPLC (Impact Protection Lateral Crushing) system 3. Natural rubber soles These criteria are now matched by many other construction skills which assure smooth compliance with CE regulations. Our yearly production is quantitatively limited, given the policy of manufacturing everything in Italy with skilled resources. This is why our boots are so often seen worn by those “real cyclists” who, being relentless runners, are fully aware of the importance of quality in sportswear. Since 2001 we have marketed our products online. We belive this to be the ideal channel to grant our customers full satisfaction. Our customers request maximum care not only in products, but also in service. Making customized boots is no trivial thing. Our experience shows that a prerequisite is direct online communication with our customers: that’s the only way we can have full grasp of customer needs. This is why not only we make shoes, but provide custom-tailored service.