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VG GLOVES: Gloves for riders who love the smell of real leather.

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The new line VG Gloves, was created by some practitioners of the adventure in motion, since 2005 our gloves for motorcyclists in online sales have covered a total of more than 1 million km of road testing!
With this gloves, we want to fully meet the needs of every man who want a product made with fine tassels can offer comfort in the hand movements unknown to most of the other gloves on the market.
For riders demanding less inclined to sacrifice, for long trips full of adventure, without borders will travel limits. On or off road, we always guarantee the best performance since this line is designed to meet every need of a tourer, but with the carbon models also needs protection typical of of-road use.

SAFETY> Like any product by Vendramini, this line are totaly made of "genuine leather" the only material that provides maximum safety in case of sliding on asphalt.

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