"Everything which increases the physical wellbeing of the rider, will decrease the source of any distraction or loss of concentration due to physical discomfort"
Following this simple principle, we have consistently improved the comfort and versatility of our products.

Some examples are:
A) The entire range of touring boots adopt a special membrane called V-Tex hydro stop, an integrated 3-layer can not only ensure feet stay dry when it rains ...
B) The adoption of the integrated OUTLAST + V-Tex hydro stop of the higher range models, which offer exclusive worldwide footwear lining, the exclusive OUTLAST Adaptive Comfort, which helps stabilize the temperature inside the boot. More info concerning this famous liner thermoregulation you can find also in


Each product responds positively to at least two basic criteria of passive safety:
A) The upper in Genuine Leather, unlike any petroleum-derived, skin is the only material that can withstand high heat (temperature even greater than the 300c °) reached in the few seconds of a crash with sliding on asphalt.

FPS (full protection shell)

Present in all models of the RACE line, protects toe, heel and ankle, in the most effective due to the presence of a couple of carbon shells that integrate solidly with IPLC (crushing bottom side), creating a sort of "cage" capable of dissipating high impact energy generated to falls in the worst track.

B) IPLC system (integral protection lateral crushing) or "a crush bottom protector" which resists well over 150kg under the strict "CE certification" for motorcycle boots.
In addition to these high standards guaranteed on any product we offer for the most exclusive models (or to request any custom fit pair of boots) the following protection systems that integrate perfectly with the previous offer the best protection possible today:

ASP (steel abrasion protection)
The  models Steel, Walky, Desert Alp and Marathon S are made of a fabric spun steel that combines high abrasion resistance and resilience to shocks, a very light weight.