Where we are

VEXELL s.r.l. Shoe Factory has one location in the province of Treviso in the Veneto - The address is: Via Piavesella 2 - Signoressa 31040 (TV) - ITALY

Site at the corporate office of Signoressa, is also the FACTORY OUTLET that is actually the official sales point open to the public in Italy. Provided of the entire motorcycle collection, the outlet is also the unique selling point in the world where you can:

A) find the products of the second and third choice. .
accommodation in a pair of boots "Test Drive". This exclusive service allows you to try our products for 10 days on the road! Without any obligation to 'purchase and free of charge (simply leaving a deposit of 50 € you will return at the end of your test)
C) take advantage of special discounts to members of affiliated clubs or organizations (see the list of affiliated Motoclub Motoclub the page)
D) to order custom products at discounted prices through the "Custom Fit Service"

Come and visit us! We are just a few kilometers from Treviso in the Veneto, if you bring a friend receive a useful gift. . .
Factory Outlet line +39 0423 670 468 We look forward by appointment only: for the "Customized" called on +39 348 5179 664